SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Javier Cervantes is leading legislation to direct over $16 million in state funding to a program that would provide grants to independent living centers.

“Folks in our community that live in independent living centers understand the need for improvements and funding for our centers across Illinois,” said Cervantes (D-Chicago). “We are advocating for better funding for our residents who need these services in order to live independently, and Illinois needs to invest in their future.”

Independent living centers offer core services like counseling, skills training, referrals and more to empower people with disabilities to live and participate fully in their communities. Senate Bill 3214 would direct $16,358,900 to the Illinois Department of Human Services’ Rehabilitation Services Bureau for grants to independent living centers – a $10 million increase from the prior year’s budget.

“Residents need to know Illinois is taking this funding seriously and that we are fighting for better living conditions for people with disabilities,” Cervantes said. “I am proud to stand for our residents who rely on these services and I will continue to advocate for better living conditions for them and for all Illinois residents who may use these services in the future.”

Cervantes looks forward to continuing the discussion about increasing funding for programs serving people with disabilities and the workers who support them during budget negotiations in the coming weeks.